Phaidra was founded in August 2012 by Viktoria Tisza and comprises of items ranging from swimsuits to dresses.

The pieces, designed with stylish and sophisticated women in mind, look luxurious and magnificent.

The recent S/S 2014 waterproof collection involved brilliant metallics in silver and blue as well as iridescent purples and pastel blues. The collection comprised of swimsuits, two-piece bikinis, playsuits and jumpsuits to suit whatever look you are trying to achieve – poolside or not. The plastic accents complete the uber trendy and slightly avant-garde ensembles.

The unusual shapes and fabrics used by Viktoria Tisza give the brand a unique and voguish appearance. Phaidra’s recent S/S 2014 campaign is breathtakingly beautiful and demonstrates just how sophisticated and distinctive these attention-grabbing pieces are.

written by Megan Moore