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On the 3rd of March our Brillante Blogger Squad Dolls had an absolutely beautiful opportunity to spend a whole day at the Birini Palace and celebrate national “Women’s Day”. When searching for the venue we wanted to find something that is outside the city and would allow our guests to escape from their daily routine, as well as it needed to be unique, full of romance and elegance.

Once dolls started to arrive they were greeted with a refreshing glass of champagne from Riga Prestige Cuvée at the luxury tower suite on the second floor. To be able to know the venue better we had a chance to walk around the palace and experience all its glory.  After this lovely excursion we went back to the room where PATI darbnīca surprised us with a master class of how to make our own lipstick. Individually girls were able to choose their favourite tone that they wanted to create.

Usually during these meet ups it is fantastic to see how girls are shining in and out and allowing themselves to really enjoy these few hours of pampering. Not to mention the moment when one of the dolls where lying in bed full with Babora beauty bags, eating chocolate and holding a glass of champagne in her hands. I know that maybe it sounds and looks all over the top but we have to admit that sometimes it is hard for us girls to say “stop” to everything that is around us. Therefore, we need to once in a while remind ourselves to relax and enjoy the moment. For an event planner it could not be a bigger honour to hear that ladies are saying: “OMG I feel like a Queen!”, “If only I could wake up like this every morning!”, “This event really brings up my soul!”.

Moreover, who doesn’t like gifts right? This time we have to say a massive thank you to quite few brands that surprised our dolls with some amazing goodies. Riga Prestigu Cuvée really took a step forward with their pink baskets with a flower bouquet on a top. Are we even allowed to open it? As I am a big fan of Artdeco Cosmetics Latvia we needed to add few essential products to the bag such as hot chilli lip booster, mineral compact powder, eye shadow base and all in one powder brush.

Have you ever heard of a salon called Babor Beauty Spa Riga? It is one of the top salons in Latvia that really follows newest beauty trends and offers exclusive treatments like body sculpting. Thank you for this opportunity to take a little luxury touch to our home as well. I am sure that we all know that on top of this pampering and beauty treatments we cannot forget to drink a water to make our skin even shinier. For some time now squad dolls have fallen in love with healthy and natural cucumber water from Gardu Muti.

Have to admit that I am not the best writer in the world but somehow cannot believe how long this post turned out. Lastly, wanted to say that I am so thankful to know all of these amazing ladies who really inspire me to do more and move forward with my dreams.

Written by Laura Vevere