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Few weeks ago we received an amazing email from the brand called La Scolca that produces remarkable and well known wine in Italy, Gavi region. It was fascinating to learn that La Scolca means ‘looking far away’ or better to say a company that values traditions though out generations, as this year they are celebrating 100 years. We really admire companies that are passionate about the work they do and are trying to offer a high quality products and services to their clients.

During this beautiful collaboration we had a chance to try out the La Scolca Gavi Dei Gavi white wine that is complex and elegant, with distinct terroir personality. As they like to say: ‘Wine is passion and for this reason, the quality of Gavi La Scolca manages to overcome its fashions and trends with a strong personality and with great character: gentle but firm and persistent, it is very difficult to not to remember Gavi La Scolca after having tasted it.’ Moreover, to make their client experience even more luxurious they have created a special Gold Limited Edition bottles to celebrate 100 years. To be able to purchase and see the design click here.

And as summer is still here do not forget to take some time off and enjoy this beautiful weather with a glass of good wine in your hands. Or better why not to fly to Italy to La Scolca vineyard and see all its glory with your own eyes? Yes, they are doing lovely tours with wine tasting as well. Let’s put this one in our bucket list.

written by Laura Vevere