Latvian photographer De’Dele, who is studying in the UK at UCA, creates images full of character, mystery and creativity. De’Dele is set to make a big impact whilst she gains recognition due to her individual and thought-provoking shots. Her recent work with Haunt Mag demonstrates her ability to transform the viewer into her world of imagination. The recent shoot, labeled ‘cold feet’, screams androgyny with its sharp silhouettes, sever poses and bold colour contrast between black and red. Conversely, De’Dele also exhibits her diversity and wide variety of photography styles with her pretty, soft and whimsical shots.De’Dele maintains an ‘arty’ atmosphere in her shots with layered illustrations and drawings placed intricately over her images. Moreover, her ‘licks’ of bright, contrasting colours add to the distinct style of her images. Both of these techniques add to the theme of her shots perfectly and give De’Dele her signature style.

written by Megan Moore