collaboration between Lucy Choi & Brillante

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Photo: Virginia Galiulina

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful doll named Brillante, she admired the streets of London, enjoyed long walks and always had a smile on her face. Shes a doll with passion, goals and dreams, having a weakness for sparkly shoes.

It was one of those brilliant sunny days, birds were singing and the wind was lightly blowing into her gorgeous hair. Suddenly from nowhere her shoe broke, Brillante doll was upset. Decided to sit down for a moment and think, she dreamed of a closet full of shoes, sparkly, elegant and royal. A closet where she could enter and pick out the most dazzling pair.

Slowly Brillante turned her head and stopped. There it was, a shop window from her dreams, shoes and a glimpse of chandeliers, champagne and roses. How is this possible? – she was thinking. There was no doubt she had to enter this dream closet and so she did,few minutes in the store, she had sat down, enjoying the sparkling champagne surprised by the interior and presented to the perfect pair – ” Lucy Choi Bowie Gold”.

Walking out the Lucy Choi store, Brillante doll was so excited that she couldn’t hold her excitment to show all her friends the place of her dreams.

We hope you enjoyed our Brillante doll’s story and we are happy to announce our fabulous collaboration between Brillante & Lucy Choi London. On the 25th of October Brillante doll ¬†invited her VIP dolls, to discover the secret closet together with her.

written by Brillante Doll